Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Funds Booster

As an educational publisher with many years’ experience in South African education, we are well aware of the difficulties schools face in raising funds to maintain the desired quality of education. Via Afrika would like to offer you the opportunity to generate additional school funds, while creating benefits for your learners. Chances are that many of your learners need, and are using, extra maths tuition. Your school now has the opportunity to gain from the success of Via Afrika Tabtor Maths, an innovative maths tuition programme, through our Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster.

What is Via Afrika Tabtor Maths?

For the first time, digital learning has become meaningful with the full integration of humans and technology. Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is a tablet-based programme that offers genuine personalised instruction at the key development period, Grades R to 6. Using a maths curriculum based on Singapore Maths, and localised for South Africa, learners have shown remarkable improvement in mathematics. With Via Afrika Tabtor Maths, a child works on the app on her tablet and follows a carefully designed maths skills development learning plan created by a remote tutor (an actual human being) assigned by Via Afrika. Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is a subscription-based service, and although it requires an internet connection, requires very little data to function.

For more information, watch the Tabtor video here. Then go to our website for further details at

Join the Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster

The Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster is designed to generate extra funds for the school each time parents subscribe their child to Via Afrika Tabtor Maths.

How does it work?

The process is simple and quick.

  1. Complete the Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster registration form.
  2. We will then send you an Information Pack containing all the details of the programme.
  3. When you decide to participate in the Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster programme we will set up a presentation to the School Governing Body.
  4. Once signed up, tell parents and friends of the school about Via Afrika Tabtor Maths and what it can do for their children and school funds. You can use the marketing material we will give you (see next page).
  5. Most importantly, your school will be assigned a unique Promoter Code. This Promoter Code tracks subscriptions made by your parents on which you will earn commission.
  6. Watch your school benefit from additional revenue.

We will send you a unique link that anyone can use to access the Via Afrika Tabtor website to subscribe. Post this link to your school website. Send it to the parents and friends of your school. Encourage people to share it. Your school Promoter Code is embedded in the link. Remember, every time your Promoter Code is linked to a paid subscription, the school earns commission, so keep reminding parents to use your link and ensure the Promoter Code is entered.

If you want to take full advantage of the Via Afrika Tabtor Maths School Fund Booster, you can enhance your school website by using clickable banners (provided by us) containing your unique link. These are all different ways to get parents to subscribe to Via Afrika Tabtor Maths and generate more revenue for your school.

How much does the school earn?

Your school will earn R19 per month for every active monthly subscription of R375 associated with your unique Promoter Code. We will calculate the amount payable on a quarterly basis and pay any revenue earned directly into your school’s bank account.

Marketing materials

We will provide you with the following marketing material:

  1. An electronic brochure to share.
  2. Video links explaining what Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is and how it will benefit parents and learners.
  3. Clickable banner ads to use on your school website and/or school email.

For more information on this exciting opportunity, contact Tabtor Project Manager, Heinrich Dirk, on