For Educators

Why Tabtor Maths?

  • Engage your learners and hone their maths understanding, fluency, automaticity and accuracy in an interactive and proven way.
  • Achieve all of this while also improving teacher productivity with our advanced reporting system enabling personalisation for each and every learner.
  • Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is a powerful learning tool aligned with the CAPS Curriculum that can be easily integrated into your learners’ maths learning and will revolutionise the way they think about and do maths.


Institutional Subscription

R570/learner per year
  • For schools with 100+ learners or an entire grade subscribed at one time

Key features

One of the most difficult tasks faced by a teacher is giving each learner the personal attention required to ensure success. The larger the class, the less time a teacher has. Via Afrika Tabtor Maths provides the teacher with a solution by providing tools to ensure that each learner’s needs are met while saving the teacher time to give additional attention where it is needed.

Analytics 2

Analytics 3

Point of learning analytics

  • Our Point of Learning Analytics allows teachers to:
  • Teachers can “peek-into” every key-stroke and pen-stroke of each learner.
  • Teachers pin-point where errors occur. Teacher communicates directly with the learner providing guidance on that problem in the worksheet, and follows up with relevant work.
  • The Interactive Mastery Matrix, aligned to the CAPS Curriculum, enables teachers to provide learners with individual worksheet assignments chosen from our repository of over 7 500 worksheets to bridge gaps in skills and knowledge.
  • Assignment wizards enable teachers to tailor learning sequences for each learner based on their proficiency and progress.

Gamified learning

Gamified learning with points and badges earned for consistency, fluency and accuracy makes learning fun.


Instructional Videos

Teachers can record their own video tutorials, in any language, for learners to review in class or at home. This quickly enables the teacher to teach multiple problem solving strategies.

Maths on Digital Paper

Learners work out maths on tablets as they would on normal paper. Highly visual and interactive assignments keep learners engaged. Motivation and learner engagement have been seen to increase by between 30% and 60%*.

Digital Paper

Tabtor Diagnostics

Diagnostics and Reporting

Parents, teachers and school administrators get weekly reports on learner performance with a single touch. Daily reports are also available. Pre- and Post-Diagnostic tests facilitate progress-tracking.