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Via Afrika Tabtor Maths Promoter Prospectus

Who is Via Afrika?

Via Afrika has been involved in educational publishing in South Africa for over 60 years. In our quest to be the leading digital educational publisher in South Africa, we have embarked on a series of eLearning development and implementation projects.

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What is Via Afrika Tabtor Maths?

We are in the launch phase of our USA developed mathematics platform – Via Afrika Tabtor Maths. Tabtor, short for Tablet Tutor, is a computer based mathematics instruction programme with a person behind it. Through its extensive point-of-learning analytics, Tabtor provides learners with true personalised learning and empowers teachers to cater to each learner’s individual needs. Our short term focus is on primary school mathematics as we believe this is the best place to start when laying a solid foundation for high school maths.

How does this all work?

Who are potential clients?

Our business model involves two categories of client. The first category is families where the learner has access to a tablet at home. The learner is assigned to a tutor appointed by Via Afrika who works with the learner via the tablet.

The second category of client is a school. The school will purchase an institutional subscription (a minimum of 100 learners). Here the teacher takes the role of tutor and Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is implemented in parallel with daily mathematics instruction.

What do clients pay?

Individual Subscription

Institutional Subscription (Schools)

R4 100,00 (VAT incl.) per learner per year (paid over 4 monthly instalments in advance) *Special launch offer of R3 420,00 (VAT incl.) per learner per year (paid in advance in one payment)

R570,00 (VAT incl.) per learner per year

Where do I fit in?

We believe that Via Afrika Tabtor Maths will make a significant impact on the lives of each and every South African primary school-aged child. That said, it would be impossible for us to reach each of the 8 million primary school learners, or all of the 19 thousand primary schools in the country. We are therefore looking to partner with dynamic individuals to fill the role of Via Afrika Tabtor Maths Promoter.

What do I stand to gain?

Not only do you get the opportunity to be on the forefront of the roll-out of a revolutionary new programme, but you stand to make some good money while doing so. With scale always being the objective, an individual would have to commit to be in it for the long-haul in order to reap the long-term rewards.

What is expected of me?

  • A successful Promoter will:
  • be driven and self-motivated to sell
  • have a keen interest in technology and be computer literate
  • own an iPad or Android tablet
  • be able to demonstrate products effectively and have good marketing skills
  • have strong organisational and administration skills.

A Promoter will enter into a contract with Via Afrika, and will need to meet minimum sales targets: i.e. 25 new Individual Subscriptions per month and 1 new Institutional Subscription per quarter.

Commission structure

Individual Subscription

Institutional Subscription

R229,00 per annual subscription

R34,00 per learner within the school

What are the potential earnings?

The model is based on volume. The Promoter should bear in mind that they are building a client base that, if satisfied and treated well, will most likely renew their subscription to the service for several years.

Our referral structure on Individual Subscriptions also pays Promoters commission when their clients refer Via Afrika Tabtor to another person. You will earn R114 for a referred client for the period of their subscription. With our referral structure, your income has the potential for exponential growth. People are highly likely to subscribe based on a trusted referral so your happy clients will become brand advocates for Via Afrika Tabtor and increase your earnings while doing so.

Scenario 1

A Promoter meeting the minimum requirements will earn approximately R82 000 per year (based on the assumption that the school subscribed for the minimum of 100 learners and no referrals taken into account for Individuals) for the period of the subscriptions.

Scenario 2

A Promoter who signs up 40 Individual Subscriptions per month (with 10% of them referring friends/family) and signs up 5 schools per quarter would earn R183 000 per year (based on the assumption that the school subscribed for only the minimum of 100 learners) for the period of the subscriptions.

Scenario 3

An experienced Promoter with 120 schools on her books will earn just over R400 000 per year (based on the assumption that the school subscribed for only the minimum of 100 learners) for the period of the subscriptions.

All potential earnings are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

What can I expect from Via Afrika Tabtor Maths?

  1. An opportunity to sell a unique product.
  2. Marketing support
    1. A trusted and established parent brand.
    2. Web presence through
    3. Social media campaigns run by a dedicated external company (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Picasa, Flickr, Tumblr,,
    4. Print media campaigns (Huisgenoot, You, Drum, etc.)
    5. Online marketing
    6. Ongoing public relations campaigns
    7. Marketing material (e.g. flyers, PowerPoint presentations, videos)
  3. Administrative systems for efficient payment

How do I get involved?

By signing up, selected candidates will be invited to a training and selection session at their own expense. The details of these sessions will be communicated to selected candidates in due course.