Help is at the touch of your tablet screen!


Tablet. Tutor. The best of both worlds to open up theirs.

With Tabtor, your child benefits from both a Tutor and an intelligent learning program. Together, they set your child for a lifetime of math success. This is the next level of learning. By combining the CAPS curriculum customised by a dedicated Tutor, with the intelligence and portability of a tablet, we’ve created a learning platform that grows your child’s confidence for life



The power of the tablet

Easy interface Easy to understand app interface that is completely portable for learning on the go (available for iPad and Android tablets). Anytime. Anywhere Available all the time, at any time. No constant internet connection needed. Video tutorials Video tutorials for every question. Tutorial help available all the time. Dedicated tutor Your dedicated tutor is just a touch away for help and steps in with voice messages.

The impact of your dedicated tutor

Each child is assigned a dedicated Tutor to create and monitor a customised learning plan. Worksheets are graded and reviewed daily with personalised comments. With weekly contact via phone or Skype, children and parents connect with their Tutor to discuss and plan.

Tabtor’s unique technology means never before have Tutors had this level of insight into a child’s learning

  • Through Tabtor’s revolutionary “Digital Paper” technology and Point of Learning Analytics POLATM, Tutors track every pen stroke and the timing for each equation. They can see how a child answered a question, including their scribbles and what they erased.
  • Tutors review the collected data weekly to track progress and fine-tune learning plans.

Proficiency Matrix

tabtor proficiency matrix The Proficiency Matrix is an integral tool in assisting parents, Tutors and children to understand, manage and celebrate each child’s learning.

  • A Proficiency Matrix is developed for each child based on the results of the initial Diagnostic Test.
  • A dedicated Tutor creates a personalised study plan and assigns worksheets to learn, practice and conquer each math concept.
  • Periodic re-tests are administered to ensure that the child has achieved the mastery of each topic.
  • Various colours represent the level of mastery.