Via Afrika Tabtor Maths

The Personalised Maths Learning Programme for Grades R to 6 on tablets

Help your child become a maths genius. Do you love the idea of personalised maths tutoring for your child, but loathe the hours of worksheet marking and commuting it steals from your day? Or maybe you feel that the best maths tutoring programmes cost a fortune and are beyond your budget? 
Via Afrika firmly believes that each child’s learning ability is unique and deserves customisation – not some one size-fits-all method of teaching, or worse, one size-fits-all extra lessons teaching. At the same time, we also don’t believe that maths tutoring need to be pricy to be effective and engaging.

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Key features

  • Our tablet learning programme for Grades R to 6 is visually effective and interactive.
  • We typically see a 2–5 times improvement in performance within 7 to 10 weeks of using the programme for three 45 minute sessions a week.
  • Your child receives personal attention from a tutor who marks and guides the child with worksheet-level feedback.
  • Your child is motivated by earning reward points.
  • You receive weekly reports tracking your child’s progress.
  • Best of all, it’s affordable. Click here to view our pricing.


How it works

Individualised learning with a personal tutor

When a learner starts Via Afrika Tabtor Maths, he or she will complete a diagnostic assessment. The learner’s skills are matched to the appropriate maths level and problems by our specialist tutors who are then able to individualise and structure maths assignments for each learner.

Worksheets contain video tutorials to develop concepts, and tutors can provide personalised videos and voice message to take understanding further. And best of all, you don’t have to drive anywhere – this maths tutoring in your own home in your own time. Maths tutoring on demand.

Peace of mind

All of our tutors are carefully selected then vetted (CROLL Check), and sign a Code of Conduct.

The human element

This feature is what makes our platform unique — we provide a real tutor for every child to work with on a one-to-one basis on the tablet! Our tutors review, mark and provide customised feedback for every maths worksheet your child completes.

Learning behaviour tracking

When learners solve their maths problems on the tablet with their finger or stylus, our digital paper technology tracks each stroke. This allows for greater understanding of each child’s learning behaviour and grasp of maths concepts by our tutors. Our tutors can actually see each step when they mark the work. This means they can provide valuable individual feedback. In-depth analysis allows our tutors to understand where a learner may be struggling and needs intervention.


The CAPS curriculum

Via Afrika Tabtor Maths is aligned to the South African CAPS curriculum and has a strong focus on developing skills for problem solving and logical reasoning. This means that extra-lessons are matched to classroom work. Numerous challenging word problem activities develop computational, analytical as well as language skills. With over 7 500 worksheets that are assigned according to the learner’s individual needs, their understanding of numbers and fluency in doing maths are increased.


Regular feedback and Weekly
Learner-Tutor Interaction

Not only do our tutors personally mark and review each maths worksheet within 24 hours* of receiving it, but each week you receive a personalised weekly report from the tutor so you can monitor your child’s progress. In addition to worksheets, there are tests at appropriate milestones to confirm understanding of the mathematical concepts.

*Excluding Sundays and Public holidays


Why start with extra maths so young?

In order to be successful at maths in the higher grades, a strong foundation must be built early on in the child’s school career. This means that not only must the learner understand the early mathematical concepts, but he or she must develop fluency (the speed at which basic maths calculations are done), automaticity (the ability to complete basic maths calculations without having to puzzle out how to do it) and accuracy (the answer must be right).

Via Afrika Tabtor Maths builds these four foundational elements in an engaging and motivating way, leading to greater success as the curriculum increases in conceptual difficulty.


At-home Subscription

  • Use your own tablet.
  • Join any time of the year.
  • One month’s notice required to cancel the subscription.

In-centre Membership

  • Membership includes in-centre tablet access.
  • Join any time of the year.
  • One month’s notice required to cancel the membership.